About Us

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Our top management team consists of very skilled and experienced leaders in the defense market.
One member of the team has worked for many years in the Procurement Directorate of the Israeli Ministry of Defense. He was responsible for many years of FMF (Foreign Military Funds) procurement in the US.
A second team member is a retired Colonel for the IDF, and was a technical and operational decision maker and leader of large programs for the IDF.
The third member has many years of experience working for the Directorate of Research and Development of the IMOD. He has been involved in promoting innovative technologies, tailoring them to potential users, and assisting bridging the gap between operational needs and existing technologies and products.
Our US representatives search out, introduce and deliver prospective project contacts to AHD.
Our team has been exceptionally successful in the past few years in promoting US companies to the defense market in Israel. We have created various joint ventures between a number of US and Israeli companies.
Our consulting efforts, with Israeli companies, have proven positive results. We guide them in ways that can promote their business and their “know how” to contract manufacturing to the US. This guidance allows them use of FMF funds.

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